Thursday, October 25, 2012

EDCO’s Webinar Series

EDCO is constantly researching ways to better connect with our customers.  We have debuted EDCO Quick-Response Code (QRC) advertising, QRC Training, mobile, more downloadable information, and most recently, Webinars.

EDCO’s Webinar Series is a live way to interact with customers, without them having to leave their business or home.  Webinars are interactive seminars conducted via the Internet and viewed on computers, smartphones or tablets.  They are live presentations, lectures or workshops that happen in real time.  Users participate using text-boxes, video-chatting, file-sharing, or asking questions with a mic or phone. 

Webinars allow EDCO to reach, educate, train, and converse with customers that we can’t personally talk with everyday.  In some cases, it’s more productive to participate in a webinar than traveling to live in-person seminars or be visited.  EDCO basically conducts in-person seminars but via the web.  Through the EDCO Webinar Series we’ve addressed customer needs and problems instantly.  This leads to higher profits for our customers and their customers.

Visit EDCO’s Channel (search: edcoincorporated) to watch several Webinars.

Please email for webinar ideas and comments.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Polishing New Floors

In 2007 we anticipated the popularity of concrete polishing and began manufacturing Contrx Systems polishing equipment. Since then the polishing industry has grown much larger than anyone’s prediction. More and more contractors, distributors, and rental owners are discovering the beauty and profitability of polished concrete.

Due to their wide frames and sensitive electrical needs, most polishing machines are limited to just reconditioning big-box stores and other huge areas. Contrx is different because we focus on manufacturing products designed to polish residential and smaller commercial concrete floors. Our polishers fit through household doors and run on 110v and 240v outlets (Dryer Outlet). We also offer propane power options.

While most polishing happens on existing concrete surfaces, architects and contractors are incorporating polished concrete into new construction and property extensions.

You can increase creativity when polishing new concrete surfaces because you control the job from pour to polish. Pouring allows you to add color and other decorative aspects to the concrete before drying. We’ve seen many creative additives including colored glass, stained glass, hardware, powdered dye, plastic figurine toys, silverware, and various stones (some work better than others). If it can stay in the concrete, it can probably be polished. Finishing and then polishing a concrete floor with additives is essentially the same process as laying a regular slab.

To see some incredible polished surfaces, join us, other exhibitors and contractors at our upcoming trade shows:

What: International Concrete Polishing & Staining Conference
When: Oct 11-15, 2012
Where: Gwinnett Center, Duluth, GA (30 mi from Atlanta)
Info:, Twitter: @ICPSC

What: World of Concrete
When: Feb 4-8, 2013
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
Info:, Twitter: @WorldofConcrete

What: Concrete D├ęcor Show
When: March 13-15, 2013
Where: Charlotte, NC
Info:, Twitter: @ConcreteDecor

Visit to see our entire line of concrete polishing equipment.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Your Feedback Enhances our Product Line

While sales of our TG-10 Turbo Grinder have steadily risen, customers have requested smoother mobility and easier dust prevention. Our new Leveling System and Velcro Dust Shroud address those requests:

Leveling System – Smooth and user-friendly grinding occurs when grinding accessories are in level contact with the material being resurfaced. Our new Leveling System manipulates the TG-10’s rear axel and ensures level contact regardless of accessory height. Because operators now control the machine’s height, they can use a wide range of accessories while maintaining smooth operation. The Leveling system now comes standard on all TG10 Turbo Grinders while a kit is available for existing models.

Velcro Dust Shroud – Its now easier for customers to protect themselves from harmful airborne dust. We replaced the traditional, more cumbersome, dust shroud with a tear away protector. We installed Velcro onto heavy-duty rubber that make adjustments quick and easy. Remember, dust shrouds will only help eliminate harmful particles. A proper dust collection system is always needed.